Alan Bennett's - 'Talking Heads'


Renowned playwright Alan Bennett’s masterful collection of monologues are beloved to many since they first aired on television nearly 30 years ago. In these moving and affectionate pieces, Bennett depicts the bittersweet tales of seemingly ordinary and uneventful lives. Poignant and wonderfully observant, this is a rare opportunity to see three of the original Talking Heads live on stage.

A Lady of Letters - Performed by Mary Rudkin

Miss Ruddock writes letters – not, unfortunately, social communications filled with harmless news, but letters of complaint, comment and occasionally, officious praise to various businesses and government departments. She complains about the lack of care she assumes the child living opposite is receiving and ends up held in custody where there are unexpected consequences!

A Chip in the Sugar - Performed by Andy Canadine

Graham a middle-aged bachelor, emotionally stunted and dependent on his mother, finds life difficult enough at the best of times. When Mother meets an old flame and seems set to marry him, however, Graham’s former insecurities rear their ugly heads again especially when we find that all is not what it seems with mam’s old fame, Mr Turnbull.

A Cream Cracker Under the Settee - Performed by Helen Hill

Doris, a widow, lives alone. Refusing to relinquish her independence in favour of living out the rest of her days in ‘Stafford House’ smelling of pee, she surreptitiously cleans when her home help, Zulema, is absent. When we meet her, she has fallen while attempting to dust a picture frame high on the wall. As the day goes on, unable to get help, Doris reminisces about her uneventful life with its joys and sadnesses.



A Lady of Letters
Mary Rudkin
A Chip in the Sugar
Andy Cannadine
A Cream Cracker Under the Settee
Helen Hill