Auditions for Nell Gwynn - Wednesday 5th June

Auditions for Nell Gwynn - Wednesday 5th June

The auditions for our September production of Nell Gwynn will be held at the Playhouse on Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 7.30pm.

The production will take place from 11th-14th September 2019, inclusive.

Everyone is welcome to audition but if you do take part on stage or backstage, please bear in mind that you will need to either be a member or become a member of Sleaford Little Theatre.

The director is Alan Robey and any queries should be directed to him on 01529 300122 or 07875 725240.

Alan also has copies of the script, if you should wish to see one before the auditions.

Below is some additional information about the play, the characters and auditions pieces.


All the characters sing.

Nell Gwynn
1650 - 1687 meets Charles in 1668. Vivacious, funny and very quick witted.

Rose Gwynn
Nell’s Sister, could be older or younger than Nell. Similar personality.

Nells Dresser and friend. Age probably older.

Lady Castlemaine (1640-1709)
Age 28 at the start of the Play. Referred to as ‘The Uncrowned Queen’ or the ‘Curse of the Nation’ A formidable personality.

Louise de Kerouaille (1649-1734)
Nells rival. Speaks French. This part is often doubled with Lady Castlemaine.

Queen Catherine (1638-1705)
Portuguese speaking age 30 at start of play.

Old Ma Gwynn
Nells mother, brothel keeper/Madam. Doubles with Queen Catherine.

King Charles (1630-1685)
Age 38 at the start of the play. The Merry Monarch.

Charles Hart
A leading Actor in the company. 30’s

Thomas Killigrew
Actor Manager 40-60ish.

Edward Kyneston (1640-1706)
Specialised in women’s roles. Hates the idea of women on stage.

John Dryden (1630-1700)
Created the 1st poet laureate in 1668. Playwrite.

Lord Arlington (1618-1685)
Statesman and Kings advisor, 50+

Ned Spiggett
Actor in training. 20ish.

Audition pieces

Act 1 Scene 1 p16-18. Nell and Hecklers.

Act 1 scene 3 p27-35 Killigrew, Dryden, Nancy, Ned, Hart and Nell

Act 1 scene 4 p35-38.Charles, Arlington and Lady C.

Act 1 scene 5 p473-47. Dryden, Nancy, Rose, Nell.

Act 1 scene 8 p55-58. Queen Cate, Arlington, Charles, Lady C.

Act 2 scene 1 p83-86 Attendant Rose, Ma Gwynn, Nell.

Act 2 scene 2 p92-94 Nell, Ned, Killigrew, Dryden, Charles, Louise de K, Hart.