Committee reshuffle following 2019 AGM

Sleaford Little Theatre

Firstly, thank you to everyone who was able to attend our AGM on the evening on Monday 21st May 2019. It is always great to see faces new and old coming together in support of SLT.

Over the last year, we have seen three members of the committee leave us, and these were Julie Stevenson, Callum Thursby, and at the AGM Laura Griffin stepped down a Treasurer.

All three members are dedicated to SLT and have worked so hard over the last year. We are pleased to know that they have all expressed their continued support of SLT in future productions.

The AGM saw the re-election of officers with Jonny Hoare as Chairman, Mary Rudkin as Secretary, Terry Hayes as Playhouse Manager and Tom Creasey as Publicity Manager.

We are very grateful to Christina Morris who has joined the society and agreed to take on the mammoth task of being our Treasurer. Without someone looking after the money, our society cannot function.

All remaining trustees were re-elected onto the committee as a block, and these are David Malkin as Building Manager, Christine Malkin, Garry Goodge as Selection Convenor, Tracey Inkpin as Compliance Officer and Craig Pakes as our Front of House Manager.

Sid Shaw, our Honorary President, agreed to continue in the role and was duly appointed for another year. Sid carries out a lot of work rarely seen by members and is an excellent asset to the Society.

Last but not least, we are delighted to announce two new trustees onto the committee. Both of these members are relatively new to the Society, which is always great to see new blood providing new ideas and life into the Society.

The two new trustees are Maria Bates and Simon Bradford, and we welcome them aboard.

Here is to another successful and productive year for SLT with talk of a regular Cinema and potential SLT Youth Theatre currently being offered. Of course, everything is still open to discussion and details on new and exciting ventures will be announced formally should they get the go ahead.