Beauty and the Beast - OPEN CAST AUDITIONS

Beauty and the Beast - OPEN CAST AUDITIONS

Following a very successful chorus audition we are pleased to announce the open cast auditions.

The auditions are taking place on Sunday 23rd June at 3 pm at the Playhouse, Westgate, Sleaford.

The show is full of comedy, music and dance, including some interesting special effects, and a touch of ‘Rock Opera’, but is ultimately an age-old story of redemption!

There are some great characters, with plenty of scope for character development. Some are designated singing roles, however many numbers are ensemble pieces so some singing may be required for other characters (We are not looking for perfect vocals!).

The performance dates are between 5th and 14th December with evening and weekend matinee performances.

Following the auditions will be a read through for all the cast on Sunday 30th June at 3 pm at the Playhouse.

The scripts will be available at the audition and we are very much looking forward to seeing you there!


Here is the list of characters and the parts available:

Not a typical bland heroine, she is gentle, kind-hearted, intelligent and thoughtful, but can also be feisty and is strong enough to stand up to the ‘Beast’. Vocals required. (Female)

Belle’s two older sisters. A couple of tasteless “madams” with outrageously common clothes/make-up, who flounce about, are selfish, greedy and spoilt. Referred to in the script as “the Sisters”. Some singing as part of ensemble. (Female)

Belle’s father - a slightly eccentric scientist. Jovial and kind-hearted, but dominated by his two elder daughters. (Male)

A French Maid - housekeeper to Alphonse and family. Plenty of scope for a big personality! (Male)

Fifi’s daft son - comical and lazy. (Male)

Casanova-type "hunk" - new-comer to the village. A conceited, arrogant and self- opinionated lothario - big on muscles, but small in the brain department! Vocals required – must be able to belt it out! (Male)

Young and dashing, but initially conceited and arrogant - can he change? Vocals required. (Male) C

Large, fearsome-looking beast. Some vocals required. (Male) C

A pair of comical beauticians - Marcel is an effeminate man, whilst Monique is an Essex girl, with accent and lingo to match. Together, they form a panto-style comedy twosome. Fabulous roles! Vocals required for at least one of these characters preferably both. (Male and female respectively)

A peculiar man who runs the local lunatic asylum, looks like a madman... only character with a French accent! (Male)

Transforms from Hag to beautiful Enchantress. Small non-speaking opening role in Shadow Theatre Prologue. Can be played by another character. (Female)

Small singing/dancing role. Can be played by another character. (Male)

Scary! Can be played by another character.

Inanimate object that moves! Can be played by another character.

Very important - Lots of them! (Some will also play Courtiers)


Song Selection

The show includes 10 songs including solos, duets and several ensemble production numbers. If you are auditioning for a lead singing role please select at least one to sing at audition from the selection below. Instrumental music and a hand-held microphone will be provided. You are also welcome to bring a song of your choice for which you would need to bring any musical accompaniment you require.

We are not looking for perfect vocals (ok that would be a bonus), but rather a confident delivery and stage presence. We have an excellent vocal coach who will offer any guidance required and will be working with us throughout rehearsals.

We are also delighted to have the services of a professional choreographer who will be working on the dance/ensemble numbers in the show.

Song 1. Let Me Entertain You - Robbie Williams (

Song 2. Material Girl - Madonna (

Song 3. Beauty and the Beast - Ariana Grande and John Legend (

Song 4. Twist and Shout - The Beatles (in the style of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) (


For any information about the auditions or the available roles contact the director Jane Guest on either 07825128586 or [email protected].