Minute Secretary required

Minute Secretary required

Approximately once a month the trustees of Sleaford Little Theatre meet to discuss society matters that also include the upkeep and management of the Playhouse Theatre.

We are currently looking for a new Minute Secretary and for someone who is seeking to join a committee the first time this is a great place to start and to see how meetings are run.

The role of the Minute Secretary is as follows:

  1. To attend committee meetings (generally once a month), the Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary general meetings (if they are required) and take the minutes.
  2. To Prepare the minutes after the meeting and distribute via email to the committee members before the next meeting.

Anyone who is interested will receive full training, the option to sit in on as many meetings as they wish before taking over the role and any support as necessary.

If you think you might be interested in taking on this role for Sleaford Little Theatre, please contact our Secretary by sending an email to [email protected]