Auditions: Look No Hans

Auditions: Look No Hans


A fast-paced farce by John Chapman and Michael Pertwee which enjoyed rave reviews in the West End with David Jason as the lead. Set in West Berlin in the 1980s, it follows Peter Fisher, the manager of the West Berlin office for a British car company where selling cars is like selling pork chops at a bar mitzvah. Fisher is hiding his secret life as an undercover agent for the British Security of Industry (not to mention his regular rendezvous with mistress Heidi!). When his wife Monica’s trip to England is unexpectedly cancelled, Fisher’s double life swiftly unravels as he’s visited by Heidi; a voluptuous telegram girl, Mitzi; BSI spy Cadwallader; and Tregunter-Jones, a rather butch rep. from Midland motors. Not forgetting the elusive Hans who quite literally drops in!

Director: Oliver Guilliatt

Production Dates: 12th to 15th September 2018

Auditions: Tuesday 15th May at Sleaford Playhouse from 7:00 pm

Rehearsals: Monday evenings (and some Thursdays) at Sleaford Playhouse from 7:00 pm



Peter Fisher - Male (40s-60s)
A wily character (think Del Boy in Only Fools). Juggling many problems at once with a new story at every twist and turn. Fisher is on stage for the duration of the play, must deliver many wordy lines at speed and be willing to cover a lot of the stage!

Cadwallader - Male (50s-70s)
The straight-laced foil to Fisher’s comic farce. A stuffy spy who is less than impressed by Fisher. Dead-pan humour needed.

Heidi - Female (20s-30s)
Fisher’s glamorous mistress, always vying for Fisher’s attention to draw him into a romantic rendezvous. Requires a short section in a bathrobe and bikini costume and a soft German accent.

Monica - Female (40s-50s)
Fisher’s seemingly sweet, naïve (and long-suffering) wife. Has her chance to shine in the end.

Mitzi - Female (20s-40s)
A birthday present for Fisher from his mate Charlie, Mitzi is a voluptuous escort who is thrown into the role of wife and maid at various points. A slightly iffy German accent is required and escort-esque attire.

Tregunter-Jones - Female (40s-60s)
A rather officious, tweed-wearing and truly British Midland motors rep. Another fly in the ointment for Fisher. An aristocratic British accent ‘what-what’!

Kurt (will double as Prompt) - Male (any age)
Voice part only. Kurt runs the car showroom. He is authentically German with a strong accent and less than ideal grasp of English.


For more details contact the director by sending an email to [email protected]