Sleaford Live auditions

Sleaford Live auditions

If you were not already aware in May, we plan to put on a two-night event to be part of the Sleaford Live festival.

For the two night run, we have decided to put on three one-act plays.

The auditions for the three one-act plays will take place at the Sleaford Playhouse on Thursday 15th February 2018 at 7:30 pm.

The three directors, Stella O'Shaughnessy (Two Purple Gloves), Neil Sands (Hero) and Linda Mallett (Pastiche) have provided information about the various plots and characters below.

If you wish to know anything about either of the plays or if you wish to see a copy of any scripts before the auditions, please contact our Secretary, Mary Rudkin, by emailing [email protected], or you can call Mary on 01529 460111.

The plays will be performed on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th May. The directors will be rehearsing initially as follows:

  • Stella - Mondays
  • Linda - Wednesdays
  • Neil - Thursdays

Nearer to the performance dates, rehearsals will be combined into one evening.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the auditions.


Two Purple Gloves - A Comedy by Michael Park

This is a warm-hearted look at bridging the generation gap, and it is important that a grandfather/granddaughter relationship looks viable.


Harry Hollingsworth – 70, an out of work actor, reduced to sleeping rough. By nature he speaks slowly and precisely, enunciating every word clearly. This is compounded by being slightly drunk.

Connie Franklin – 20s, a part-time security guard in a shopping centre with a northern accent.

Setting of the Play

It's been a busy Christmas week at Tollerbay shopping centre, but peace reigns now that the late-night shoppers have gone home. As midnight approaches, and she does her regular checks, the last thing security guard Connie needs is an old tramp taking up residence on her patch. However, as they talk, he turns out to have had quite a past, and they eventually find they have more in common than either of them would have expected.




The play is set in 1916 at a British Army casualty clearing station, and as shuck, it is a play about conflict, but on many levels.

It is the story of a soldier who is admitted as a casualty for treatment, and as the play unfolds we see the dilemmas faced by those treating him, conflicts between a sense of duty and what is wrong, conflicts between generations, and a question of whether sometimes doing the ‘wrong thing’ is very much the path to redemption.

There is a conflict between the generations (Underwood and Penfold vs Selkirk and Hart), a conflict between the Victorians (Selkirk and Hart) and those who have grown up in the new century (Underwood and Penfold). It is a conflict of morality, set to a background of the Great War.

The set will look like a large army tent, with a ‘ward’ area (a bed, a table, a stool, and detritus such as a stretcher, bandages etc.) , and an ‘office’ area (a table, a chair and a folding stool, papers + folders festoon the table speaking of the number of casualties that have been in).

It is an engrossing play and has the potential to have quite a profound impact on the audience.

The Cast

Private Underwood - he spends the entire play in bed, wrapped in bandages (other than his head!). He is young (no older than mid-20’s), badly injured, he is scared, and he knows that he is going to die.

Capt. Selkirk – he is the Doctor and in charge of the casualty clearing station. He is over 40, but he is old for his age, war-weary, tired of sending young men back to die. He is increasingly taking to drink, but he is still an officer, and he is still in charge.

Nurse Penfold – she has newly arrived at the front, and she is a similar age to Underwood. She is mainly involved in treating him.

Sister Hart – she is the senior nurse, and I see her very much as a “proper” Victorian, a strong sense of duty, King and Country etc. She is stern, very much in charge, but answers to Selkirk, for whatever his problems, he is the officer.


Pastiche – a romantic farce in one act by Nick Hall


Medford (the Butler): 20 - 40 years old
Lady Alexandra: 40 - 50 years old
Sir Peter: 40 - 50 years old
Viola: 20 - 30 years old

Time: Present

Lady Alexandra arrives home unexpectedly from a party to find Medford laying the table for supper and believes it is a surprise anniversary gift from her husband. Little does she know that her husband is planning an intimate supper with Viola Vionysse (aka Avis Phelps), a chorus girl. When Lady Alexandra discovers his secret, she hides under the table during supper and events quickly and hilariously escalate. During the course of the play, Medford is disguised as a policeman, a Ruritanian gypsy violinist and a very old man in a wheelchair. Lady Alexandra is disguised as a Salvation Army officer playing her tambourine and a very old woman pushing the very old man.

This is a very funny play with four excellent and equal character roles. There are quick costume changes, especially for Medford. Lady Alexandra, Sir Peter and Viola have to crawl on the floor and be on their knees for some of the action.