Auditions: And Ever More Shall Be So

And Ever More Shall Be So is a thrilling murder mystery with a touch of humour. Exploring the events surrounding a murder that happened four years ago in an idyllic English Village, the audience is taken on an emotional journey as the truth of the characters emerge. This play offers ten good acting roles and the story twists and turns leaving the audience guessing until the very last speech of the play.


Ida Cornish - Mid to late 60's
Loves a gossip and has a sharp tongue. Works as a cleaner at the vicarage.

Sheila Pashley - Mid to late 60's
Equally, loves to gossip but not as sharp as Ida.

David Lilywhite - In his 40s
Passionate about the murder and angry it is all being dug up again.

Helen Lilywhite - In her late 40s
Married to David and a supportive wife (or is she?)

Lydia Summerfield - In her 30s
Wife of the vicar

Rev Edwin Summerfield - In his 30s
Taken over as the Parish Vicar

Brandon Walsh - 30s
Young author and close friend of Lydia & Edwin

Maurice Walker - 50s
The landlord of the local pub and very angry that the past is having to be revisited. (why is he so angry?)

Roy Steadman - 40s
Gardener, deadpan (he may know more than you think)

Gwendolin Cranshaw - 60s
Expensively dressed with a myriad of dealings behind her. Why is she so interested and how has she become so successful. Does it always pay to be kind?


Co-Producers: Jo Moules and Terry Hayes

Production Dates: 13th to 16th September 2017


Auditions will take place on Sunday 14th May at 3 pm (1500hrs) with a further audition on Monday 15th May at 7.30 pm

If either of these dates is not for you but you are still interested, please contact one of us.

Should you wish to peruse a script beforehand, please contact Terry for a copy.

We would also be pleased to see anyone at the auditions who would be interested in the ‘backstage’ jobs of:

  • Prompt
  • Props
  • Stage Manager
  • Lighting
  • Sound