Auditions: Laying the Ghost (March 2017)

Sleaford Little Theatre

LAYING THE GHOST by Simon Williams
Directed by Paul Sproxton

The auditions for this production will be held at the Playhouse on Monday 31st October 2016 at 7.30p.m. Please note that the dates for this production are Tuesday 14th March 2017 to Saturday 18th March 2017.

Below are details from the director giving a synopsis and details of the characters in the play. It is anticipated that rehearsals will start very early in the New Year.

If you have any queries about the production or wish to see a copy of the script prior to the auditions, please contact Paul on [email protected].


“Laying The Ghost” is a modern Play for Today, which, as it was written in 2001, can with a few minor updates, be set in “The Present”

THE PLOT   (the folowing synopsis is for audition purposes only and not to be used for programme or publicity)

Margot Buchanan is a very witty and attractive ex-actress, living in a retirement home and trying to forget it's her seventieth birthday.

Margot and her ex-husband, Sir Leo Buchanan, were famous in the Fifties (Sixties), for their portrayal of Romeo & Juliet and for this reason, Margot is visited by young Sadie Croft, who is also to play Juliet.

Sadie is currently having an affair with Leo, who also turns up at the the retirement home to wish his ex a happy birthday and bring her a special present. He's also on the run from the press after swinging a punch at a reporter from a Sunday Tabloid, who questioned him about his personal life.

At first, Sadie and Leo pretend to have just met but Margot twigs that Sadie and Leo are linked and the reason for the tabloid interest.

Lady Judy Buchanan, Leo's current wife, then turns up to wish Margot a happy birthday where she also becomes aware of the Leo/Sadie affair.

All this plus the Tabloid reporter, ringing Sadie on her mobile as well of the arrival of a Kissogram, in the guise of Superman, causes Leo to have a fatal heart attack as the curtain falls on Act 1.

Leo reappears as a ghost in Act 2, anxious to sort out matters between his three women  but he can only be seen and heard by Freda Deacon, another resident elderly actress, who is Psychic.

Chaos and hilarity ensue but everything does sort itself out and there is a deeply touching ending when Margot receives a very unexpected gift.

The Cast:

 5 Female and 1 Male plus a cameo role of a Superman/Kissogram.


Margot Buchanan
An attractive 70 year old (think Joan Collins at 70). Smart and witty
A younger actress can easily play this part. The last time I did this play, she was played by a someone in her late 30s.

Freda Deacon
An elderly ex actress who is also psychic. She spends much of the play working on a jig saw puzzle of “The Full Monty” which provides some amusing asides.

Mrs Kidd
Runs the retirement home. Used to the ways of actors. No particular age but probably 40ish.

Sadie Croft
Young, attractive. In her 20s

Lady Buchanan
Quite a forceful character. Aged between 40 and 50

Sir Leo Buchanan
Aged 71. Famous actor. Attractive to women.

A foreigner (maybe a recent migrant) who's English is limited.


There is also a walk on part for 2 orderlies when Leos body is taken away on a stretcher.

The play is set in the sitting area of a retirement home (Yew Tree House) on the South Coast.