NODA Review: The Titfield Thunderbolt

Sleaford Little Theatre

Reviewed By: Peter Breach
Producer/Director: George Shields

This production was adapted for the stage from the popular Ealing comedy film of the same name but is now set in South Lincolnshire village in 1952, where a group of residents are endeavouring to purchase and operate their branch railway line which is to be axed. Those in favour must satisfy the authorities that they are competent to operate the rail system and deal with competition from a proposed new bus service. During the performance the audience is required to participate by acting as tram and bus passengers and also as attendees at a public meeting. The cast of 14 were not only required to perform their respective parts but also had to carry out the necessary scene changes and ensure that the requisite props were to hand at the appropriate time, thereby ensuring that the pace was maintained. The logistics involved in staging this production were immense but so successfully executed that the result was the effective delivery of a very interesting and highly amusing piece of theatre. On the way home I wondered what would happen if the powers-that-be tried to alter the map today and relieve Sleaford of its railway! Honestly SLT, I’m not trying to start a rumour, just an idle thought! Well done all who were concerned in providing this excellent evening’s entertainment.