NODA Review: Cinderella

Sleaford Little Theatre

Reviewed By: Peter Breach
Producer/Director: Jane Guest

SLT has a reputation for delivering high quality productions that attract capacity audiences for their serious plays and great comedies but this production of ‘Cinderella’ was their first venture into the world of pantomime and from curtain-up the well-chosen principals were immediately into character. The pairings of Cinderella (Louisa Vincent) with Buttons (Oliver Guilliatt), Prince Charming (Hayley Baker) with Dandini (Sarah Covill), Maxie Mum (Craig Pakes) with Minnie Mum (Jo Moules) – the ugly sisters, Baron and Baroness Mum (Stu Vickers with Mary Rudkin) all worked well and there were excellent contributions from those in supporting roles. The young dancers were a delight and performed their routines whilst maintaining smiles throughout. The costumes were colourful and well fitting; the gowns used in the ballroom scene were gorgeous. There was good use of lighting and sound effects. The scene changes were speedily executed by the efficient stage crew and the appearance of the carriage to convey Cinderella to the ball was brilliant. It was intended to produce famil y entertainment that contained something for everyone in the audience and Jane Guest’s direction certainly achieved this. To my right was a group from the W.I. - they were ‘in stitches’ at the antics of the ugly sisters and seated next to me on my left was a three year old who was experiencing the magic of panto for the first time and whose face was an absolute picture. Congratulations to all who were involved in this marvellous team effort.