NODA Review: When we are Married

Sleaford Little Theatre

Reviewed By: Peter Breach
Producer/Director: Sue and Alan Robey

This outstanding production of J.B. Priestly’s popular comedy was dedicated to Sue Robey, who sadly died on 22 August 2011. Though she was fighting illness for some time Sue remained active and involved in directing right up to the week before she was admitted to hospital. Obviously Sue’s passing was a devastating blow to all who were involved but it was agreed that the show must go on with Sue’s husband, Alan, giving up the part of Councillor Albert Parker and taking on the role of Director in order to provide continuity. The result accomplished was a superbly cast play brilliantly performed to the enjoyment of capacity audiences. Tony Gordon (Alderman Joseph Helliwell) and his wife Maria (Hilary Shields), Councillor Albert Parker (Andrew Key –who took up this part with only three weeks rehearsal time) and his wife Annie (Helen Hill), together with Herbert Soppitt (Jeff Hemsley) and his wife Clara (Linda Mallet) were the three couples who had gathered to celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries only to discover that the legality of their marriages was questionable. The mayhem that ensued on this well-designed and beautifully dressed set featured excellent characterisation from all the players, including those performing the various supporting roles so important to the plot. This was a most fitting tribute to Sue’s directing skills and featured her ‘hall marks’ of very appropriate costumes and good voice projection with well-timed delivery; she will be much missed.