NODA Review: September in the Rain

Sleaford Little Theatre

14 October, 2010

Reviewed By: Peter Breach

Producer/Director: Mary Rudkin

This play by John Godber is about the marriage of Jack (Gary Goodge) and Liz (Karen Davey), with the storyline pieced together from recollections of the annual family seaside holiday, always taken at Blackpool, always at the same time of year, always using the same accommodation and nearly always wet, hence pac-a-macs feature among the costumes. The set featured many pictorial representations from the Blackpool scene; these included large sticks of rock, saucy postcards, the entrance to the ‘Tunnel of Love’ and a replica of the famous tower complete with illuminations. The choice of incidental music was also carefully selected to match this holiday location. Whilst all these things contributed to the atmosphere, what really made this such a brilliant production was the outstanding performances of the two very experienced actors; their improvisation, versatility and stage skills were displayed in abundance - they even made the use of the coarse language contained in the script seem natural and never intended to shock. Body language and facial expressions were used extensively to great effect. Congratulations to Gary Goodge and Karen Davey on their excellent performances and to Mary Rudkin for her clever direction.